Lift Design & Manufacture

Experienced team of lift engineers

Our dedicated team of engineers is experienced in the design and integration of the components of a traction lift system.

We are able to prepare layout drawings for client approval, and are happy to work to complex clients specifications. We take responsibility for ensuring full compliance with EN81, and where applicable can coordinate with the clients notified body to resolve issues.
We are able to engineer on our client’s behalf the complete system, specifying each element of the system.

TLP provide all the details required for the clients technical file, including drawings, calculations, wiring diagrams, type test certificates, together with any QA documents specified, for example mill certificates, or certificates of conformity.

Integrated manufacturing

Where the product is not within the manufacturing range of TLP we then obtain competitive quotations from specialist suppliers and place purchase orders with the chosen supplier. In due time the proprietary equipment is delivered to our works for either incorporation into equipment we are fabricating or consolidation and temporary storage prior to delivery to the job site.Typical procured items include, machines controllers, safety gears, door systems, ropes, governors, buffers, and sheaves, guide rails and clips.

Where the product is within TLP’s manufacturing range, our engineers produce detailed shop drawings, which are then used by our production engineers to fabricate the sub-systems in house. Examples being, lift car assemblies, counterweight assemblies, pit steelwork, guide brackets and top steelwork.

We arrange for delivery of the lift materials to the job site to the clients requirements, either phased to suit the site storage limitations or a consolidated delivery.

Lift installation

We aim to pre-assemble equipment subject to installation limitations, and can work with clients to help achieve the installation of pre-assembled lift cars and counterweights for example. If requested we can prepare installation method statements and risk assessments for approval and provide the installation labour to install pre-assembled equipment.

During the installation process, our engineers are on hand to support your installation crew with telephone advise and help, and can attend site to resolve problems if required. During commissioning we can support your testers with technical support, including troubleshooting if required. TLP take responsibility for the integrity of the whole system.

Prior to the client selling the lift, TLP offer a free sales engineering and quotation service to help you secure the work, please contact us with your enquiries.


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