Lift shafts

Where demanded by clients program requirements TLP have fabricated complete machine rooms, and pre-assembled shafts fitted out with all the required equipment.
As an example this philosophy was adopted by John Lewis Partnership when they build their Solihull store in 2000.

Otis Limited were awarded the Lift Contract who in turn appointed TLP to design and fabricate the lift systems for a group of three traction lifts, and a group of three hydraulic lifts.
TLP prepared the layout drawings for client approval. Once approved we engineered the lift systems and ordered the proprietary equipment such as controllers, machines and safety gears from Otis group factories, and ordered the hydraulics’ and goods lift shutter doors from proprietary manufactures.

Project management

TLP designed the pre-assembled goods lift shafts and machine room pods, and prepared shop drawings, we then project managed the fabrication of these structures through a structural steel fabricators factory. During this process our engineers visited the fabricators works to monitor progress and facilitate the fabrication, which was completed in quick time due to program constraints.

On completion of the fabrication of the shaft structure and machine room pods, the pre-assembled modules were shipped to Liverpool. TLP fitters then installed the guide rails, landing shutter doors, pit equipment, shaft wiring in the shaft modules. We also fitted out the machine room pods with the hydraulic tank and pump units, oil coolers, trucking and wiring, machine room wiring, electrical isolators, lifting beams all ready for site final connection.

Working with the client

The clients lift consultant Dunbar & Boardman were heavily involved in agreeing the design at all stages of the design process. They also made progress visits to monitor the lift equipment fitting progress and for final inspections and witness tested the completed installations in the factory prior to delivery to site.

The completed modules were delivered to site in Birmingham on low loaders and craned into final position. This activity was completed successfully in accordance with the approved method statement despite the threat of high winds.

On this project TLP also fabricated the passenger lift landing doors system, passenger and goods car, complete with car frames, enclosures, finishes and wiring in essence the complete lift car sub-system. These cars were installed pre-assembled; being lifted into the lift shafts prior to completion of the structure roof.

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